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I'm switching back to the Vstrom after little over a year and 24000 miles on a Tiger 1050. It's a testament to how good the Suzuki is that it has drawn me back with it's "just right" set of features and rock solid reliability.

My reasons for coming back are:

Lower displacement (easier to commute in rain, mellow)
Better MPG 50-60 vs 38-42
Less tire usage! 3000-6000 per set now vs 8000-12000 on Strom
Tiger 1050 (the 800 is super smooth) transmission is really finicky and if your not in perfect adjustment of the chain it's clanky, false neutrals and a long throw aside from the former.
Headlights!!! (Tiger 1050 has one of the worst in motorcycles!)
The Tiger has better brakes by a large margin, better suspension for high speed (both are comfy) and obviously better power which will mean your going 20mph over the limit all the time.
Reliability-- The Tiger has had only loose bolts in a few places which while annoying to fix (38mm head stock top nut!) are only minor. It's been trouble free for the most part! It's nearly rust proof in finish as well ( I ride all year round in rain and salt)

I've cooked 4 sets of tires and a chain/sprocket set on the Tiger this year. Also it requires 93 octane fuel and the range is @ 180-200 miles to a tank which is a little low for my likes.

I've had some riding time on a 2012 and it feels like they improved the suspension damping to stiffer v. my 2008 and it just feels a lot smoother in the engine and more refined.
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