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Restoring a lowered bike to it's original height

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OK, first off the Wee in question is a new to me bike and I am just starting out working with it, so please be patient.

I want to install some farkles (fork brace and a centre stand) but the bike was lowered by the previous owner so I want to restore to the original height first. My question is, how do I restore the bike to it's original height in simple terms I might understand? Any help would be appreciated.
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For the rear, you need the stock (or stock length) suspension links, aka dog bones. If the previous owner doesn't have them, maybe someone here who has lowered their bike will have some to sell you.

Raising or lowering the front is done by moving the fork tubes in the triple clamps -- down to raise or up to lower. Here is one of many threads that tells how to do it:
If you need more info do a search (using the google search box centered just under the main menus) for "raise forks" or something similar.
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