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Happy Trail Canyon-cut Teton Panniers

(7.5" X 15" X 18", 66.4 Litre capacity)

Shipment packaging A
2 7.5" X 15" X 18" Aluminum Boxes, all components properly wrapped and protected.

Pre-Install Checkout A-
Nuts and bolts bagged *more about this below, Instructions included

Hardware Required/included A-

Missing 1 6x20 bolt & nyloc

Instructions B-
Instructions incorrectly identified size of bolt(s) for rear cross brace,
Failed to note requirement to remove side mounts to locate and drill panniers before applying loctite to all hardware,
Should note the need to apply silicone around freshly drilled holes for true water-proofing

Rear Rack A+
This is a "Real Rack". . . . Big enough to support a decent load, Lots of places to connect bungees or straps , excellent paint!

Pannier Mounts A+
Very strong, symmetrical,
It's going to be very tough to bend or hurt this combination of round and square tubing in a tip over.

The number (5 per side) of different points the mounts are attached to the chassis give it a tremendous amount of strength.

Excellent Paint, Excellent Hardware!

Panniers Quality A
Great welds, good top locking and sealing,
Tops include footman loops, Generous clearcoat inside and out.

Time to Install A
90 minutes including removal of system twice

Total width: 36 1/2"

Pricing A
Got a heck of a Christmas pricing deal (Hundreds less than that "other" brand)

Comments. . .

Actually I think I made the wrong choice in the first place ordering that "other" brand. A real pleasure after my "Jesse Fiasco" to order, receive and install quality components that actually fit my motorcycle as the manufacturer advertised.

I've got more than two thousand miles on them including some "serious" rain riding....No leaks!!!

I am really pleased with the combination of the flat-topped HT boxes and the usable area of the HT rear rack. A much more "usable" combination IMHO.

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Sweet set-up. What was the total cost? Is Happy the only source?


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58fleetside said:
Sweet set-up.
Thanks, I really am pleased with both the Panniers and the Rack(s)

58fleetside said:
What was the total cost?
If I remember correctly, including the Christmas discount everything ended up in the $ 770 range, maybe a smidgen more with the shipping and powder coating.

Way Less than "that other brand"

58fleetside said:
Is Happy the only source?
Yea I think so, they are the manufacturer.

Extremely good people to deal with!! :D

btw. . . . I tried "that other brand" originally.....Very glad "it didn't work out". :D
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