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Hi folks:

I'm arriving this Friday the 16th in San Diego. I have a front tire, chain, and both front/rear sprockets in hand and ready to throw on the bike. Last chance before Mexico! I've never replaced this type of item on a motorcycle (been riding about a year) and wouldn't feel comfortable doing so unless I had the help of someone else who knew what they were doing.

1) Is there a good shop you folks recommend that I could bring these items in, and get them done right (without getting overcharged)?
2) If you have a garage, and know how to do these things, and you noobs who bring you beer as an attempt of compensating you for your time, I'd love to learn how myself.
3) I also may need to do a steering bearing adjustment on my V-Strom but it requires a special tool and a torque wrench (neither of which I have) and I'd prefer to do it myself instead of take it to a dealer.

My cell phone is 415-663-6065.

PS: I'm staying in Carlsbad, but can jump around easily (hey I do have a motorcycle).
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