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We just got the Reda Gas can in stock. Holds a gallon, no smell and it meets EPA and CARB regulations. I am mounting just ahead of my sidebags.
Cruiserworks Motorcycle Gear - REDA Gas Can


The REDA Gas Can is designed for Harley Davidson saddlebags
Made to fit in that back "hard to reach" corner of a saddlebag
The REDA Gas Can is EPA & CARB certified in ALL states
100% VAPOR PROOF - zero emissions - NO fumes
100% SPILL PROOF – self-venting spout w/shutoff stores internally

Dimensions - (6” wide x 7”deep x 10.25”tall)
Right and left side bags
Hard and leather bags.
Holds an amazing ONE GALLON
Add 35-40 miles to your ride

Reda Gas Can also works with many others Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Victory & Spyder bags & trunks
Built to last a lifetime and made of the highest quality materials.
The REDA Gas Can is also MADE IN THE USA

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Good find. I wish someone made plastic gas cans in 1/2 gallon configurations........:argue:
I wish they made one in the shape of my girlfriend's hollow leg.

The most compelling reason yet to own an Electra Glide.
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