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Rear wheel Wriggle

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So the wee is my first road bike, up until now I've only written dirt/dual purpose bikes with generally dirt orientated tyres.

Over my first month of riding there have been about 4 or 5 times when I've felt the rear wheel slip sideways. Generally has been in the rain/wet, on very gentle corners with almost no lean on, no brakes and no change in throttle.

Tyres are original and almost at end of life. Bike has about 6000km on the clock. Thinking I may change the tyres. Recommendations? My priorities in order are 1) safety on tarseal (wet and dry), 2) long life, 3) cost?

stay safe
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Metzler Tourance.

I've used these on my previous BMW R1150GS and on the Wee.

15-20,000km out of a rear.

Not the cheapest tyre around, but value for KM's covered they are great.

Very good grip dry and wet, also capable of dirt roads and tracks.

I'm currently trying the Anakees but will be going back to the Tourance for the next set.

Tyre slip in the wet can happen to any tyre, what was on the road [oil mixed in with the water etc.] can have a big influence.

So far I have found the Tourance to be excellent as an all round tyre.
Never had an issue in the dry, very confidence inspiring.

The odd slip on the wet has been on road markings, as soon as the tyre hit tar again it grabbed on solid.

Dirt handling is good enough for the type of dirt I ride, gravel roads with some mud, nothing too serious.

The bike will take knobbies and handle very well if you are going to do a serious outback trip, but as a general allround tyre the Tourance fits the bill nicely.

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The stock tyres are notorious for that. I threw them away less than half worn because I got fed up with it. Part of that is probably "shelf time", but there are much better tires for the DL's.

Personal preference is Pirelli Scorpion Trails - excellent road grip and passable off and wonderful on wet roads. Life isn't great - 12-15,000km but the performance makes it worth while.

The Tourances do get great life, but if you ride hard they get fairly strange for the last 1/3 of that. They have about the second worst grip of the tires available for the DL's as well, but more grip == faster wear.


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Other good possibility is Conti Trail Attack - Mileage are 15,000km plus (stock and anakee only lasted 10,000k with me) - grip are excellent and ridges and road snakes dont bother it at all, unlike stock,anakee & Scorpian. I dont notice a vast improvement when i put a new set Scorpian for trial, suggesting the days of Trail Attack dont get much worse compared to when they are new.
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