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Rear Swing Arm Cover (Chain Adjuster) is making noise

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The gray rear swing arm cover on my bike started making noises when I hit bumps. I can feel that its loose so I went to tighten it (on both sides) but it makes the chain too tight when it gets to the point where it no longer makes noise or moves.

has anyone else had this issue?
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It wasn't properly set at the last adjustment. Loosen the axle, pound the tire forward until the rear plate is tight on the swingarm, tighten the adjuster if necessary and tighten the axle.
Yes, that is what I am doing. The problem is, the noise/loosness only goes away at the point where the chain is too tight to actually ride.
It shouldn't if you really beat the tire forward. You may need to loosen the adjuster more, get the tire forward, then tighten it.
And after you've tightened th axle nut tighten the adjuster tight.
I still cant get it to stop.

I loosened everythign up, pounded the tire all the way to the front of the sliding area and then tightened everything up. It still moves a tiny amount and makes noises when crossing bumps, if I were to tighten it anymore the chain would be too tight
Once the axle is tightened, the adjusters should be able to be snugged up enough not to rattle without drawing the axle back.
Thanks! That was exactly what I needed to do. I didnt realize that I could turn it more once the axle nut was secure
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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