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Anyone know of a vender that is selling replacement springs for the rear shock on a Wee?

Blair over at svracing tried valantly to get one from Elka Shocks, but the circumference of the spring is different, which would require modifications, etc. So for now, it is unavailable.

I am happy with the performance of the shock itself, I just require a heavier spring (500lb vs stock 450). I made a 3mm spacer for on top of the spring, but that only gives me slightly more preload, not the actual additional stiffness I require.

The 1000 is about 40 or so lbs heavier than the Wee, I am wondering if perhaps I can just get a spring from a Vee (anyone throwing out their old shock and/or spring??)

Hyperpro lists a replacement spring for the Wee, it is progressive and rising rate. No details as to the spring rate though. Not sure I want a progressive rate either.

Rich at Sonic, are you listening?...... ;)

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