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Rear brake pedal adjustment bottoming out after foot peg lowering - FIX

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Due to my height (6'3) I recently installed SW Motech ION foot pegs that come with the option of lowering the pegs 15mm. Aftermarket options are limited in my country due to legal restrictions so the SW Motech pegs were the only option. After installation I realised the brade pedal adjustment is bottoming out with the push rod (5) pushing against the brake pedal.

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Brake pedal too high!
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Push rod bottoming out (not good to see in this picture)
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Greywolf commented in this thread: Rear brake lever adjust?

You can loosen the top nut #6 and rotate #5 clockwise looking from the top to raise the rear of the brake lever and lower the front. When it's where you want, tighten the top #6 nut. If you bottom #5 on the brake lever, you are out of adjustment room. Yon might get a little more by filing down the bottom of #5 but not much.
So I decided to file down the push rod (5) to be able to lower the brake pedal further.

(13) needs to be carefully pryed open to remove (11) and (12), (4) and (6) can then be twisted off. The push rod stays secure in the master cylinder assembly without anything leaking.
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I filed down the push rod (5) by hand which took quite some time. Here is the process halfway through. I decided to only file up to where the thread goes all the way around
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After putting everything back together I was happy enough with the result.
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The brake light adjustment screw bottomed out as well after the adjustment. I carefully stretched the metal spring to allow for more adjustment space.
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I was reluctant to file away more of the push rod because the angle at which the rod and the pedal interact becomes more and more inefficient and I wanted to be on the safe side.

I still have to do a test ride and will report back in case the adjustment was not sufficient.

Maybe this helps someone in the future with the same problem.
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Just curious. Were you aware of the foot peg and control lowering kit that lowers both the footpeg and controls before doing this?
Yes, but It's not street legal where I live.
Yes, but It's not street legal where I live.
But modifying the brake system is legal?
Haha, probably not but unlikely anyone will spot it.
Difficulty reaching the brake pedal seems more of a safety issue to me than lowering the pedal a few mm.
But if anyone has any concrete safety concerns that he can explain, I'm happy to hear them. Thats also why I post here to get some feedback in case I do sth. potentially stupid.
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The awkward reach to the brake pedal and gear shifter from just lowering the pegs and leaving the controls where they were was the reason for the kit we sell.

A lot of people did what you have done before we created the kit. So I don't think it is unsafe, just not comfortable or easy to use.
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The SW Motech kit should not have been approved and advertised for the DL650 when the brake pedal position is off after installation and can't be adjusted properly.
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