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Rear Caliper Rebuild (how I should have done it)
Order washers for Banjo bolts.
Order seal kit.
Buy DOT4 brake flid.
…a few days later..
Put bike on center stand
Remove rear luggage rack
Remove right center black fairing
Remove right rear colored fairing
Loosen both caliper bolts
Remove slotted screw cover on caliper’s brake pad retainer pin
Loosen brake pad retainer pin with hex wrench
Remove cover from rear brake master cylinder
Loosen banjo bolt then tighten it slightly
Remove brake pad retainer pin with hex wrench
Remove brake pads
Remove both caliper bolts, take caliper off bike
Push on rear brake lever until piston is fully exposed
Remove banjo bolt from caliper, let hose drip into a container
Take caliper to your workbench
Remove the spring thingy in front of the piston.
Pull piston all the way out with pliers – if it did not already pop out
Using a dental pick remove outer and inner seals
Clean up bore and seal slots (manicure type cotton swabs are handy for the slots)
Put in new inner and outer seals.
Replace bleed valve with a SpeedBleeder valve.
Put in the piston - push it in all the way (wet it with brake fluid first)
Replace the spring thingy in front of the piston.
Reassemble brake pads and retainer pin into caliper.
Put caliper back on bike, bolt it up.
Fasten banjo bolt to caliper with new washers.
Fill rear brake master cyclinder reservoir with new fluid.
Put bleed hose on SpeedBleeder fitting and bleed rear brake.
Spin rear wheel by hand and check for normal operation of brake pedal.
Put fairings and rear rack back on in reverse of order of removal.

I think that's most of it :)
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