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Hello people.

I had a spare day yesterday and after reading a report some place about a V-Strom rear wheel bearing disintegrating ( after the bike had been used a lot in mud and water) I pulled the rear wheel off my K5 DL650. All was in order but there was no grease on the rear axle spindle. I guess it doesn't need much but a little can't be wrong, can it? Pulled the rear brake off, took out the rearmost screw on the chainguard, popped the wheel out. I've had four Suzzooks before and I know from experience that when you get a rear wheel puncture out on the road, getting the wheel out under stress and in the "$"£$"£$%! rain can be tricky. The two wheel spacers can't be put back wrongly, but it was tricky getting the rear brake caliper bracket ( that alloy thing that holds the caliper) back in the bike while holding the spacers on and jiggling the wheel in. Solution? Before you pull the wheel out wrap some PVC or duct tape around the caliper bracket to hold it to the swing arm while you pull the wheel out. Makes re-fitting a very easy single handed job.

On my previous bikes the chain adjuster bolts always corrode due to winter road salt, and I've had one snap off before. So on new bikes I always pull them on Day 1, and grease the threads.
The rest of the rear end looked ok, but I added more grease to the outside of the wheel bearing to keep river water out. Not that I go through many rivers.

I don't have a center-stand, I use a Louis Liftstick - a portable jack that lifts up the swing arm enabling the rear wheel to be pulled, rests the bike on the side-stand on the other side. Fits under the seat. Haven't seen them mentioned by the USA guys but they're pretty useful in an emergency, or for chain lubes.

Here's a link:
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