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I disassembled my front forks on my 2008 DL1000. As I prepare to reassemble them, I was checking the shop manual for torque specifications. Lo and behold, what my shop manual shows as the fork assembly is not what is actually on my bike.

The shop manual discusses a fork tube which has a solid fork cap. My bike has a 'spring adjustor' which threads through the fork cap. See the differences in the two photos attached. In each case the fork cap is item #19 -- in one it is solid, in the other a spring adjustor threads through it. In reality, my bike has item #21 as a 'spring adjustor' which threads through the fork cap. The damper rod then threads into the spring adjustor item #21 rather than into the fork cap itself, which the shop manual wants you to believe. At least my shop manual wants me to believe you thread the damper rod into the fork cap, not a spring adjustor.

Seemingly this is not a huge issue. BUT, the manual says to bottom the fork cap onto the nut which is on the damper rod. That nut is item #14 in either picture. Since I can not obviously bottom the fork cap (#19) to the nut (#14), I assume that I should instead bottom the spring adjustor (#21) to the nut (#14).

My questions are, based on a more accurate shop manual which you may have:

1. What is the torque for the nut when I bottom it to the adjustor? My shop manual indicates I should use 14.5 ft-lbs if I bottomed it to the solid fork cap (#19). But since I am bottoming it to the adjustor itself (#21) should I be using a different torque setting?

2. My shop manual suggests the nut (#14) be set 10.5mm from the top of the damper rod prior to bottoming the fork cap to it. This is the measurement the manual recommends as it instructs me to bottom the solid fork cap (#19) to the nut (#14). But since the spring adjustor on my bike can and does extend well below the base of the fork cap for preload adjustments, what should that measurement be from the top of the damper rod to where I set the nut (#14)?? If your shop manual, unlike mine, walks you through a reassembly of the forks with a spring adjustor that extends through the fork cap, what does the shop manual indicate the measurement is from the top of the damper rod to the nut?




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