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musing over someone posting homemade 'laminar lip' type spoiler, .... so I'm out in the garage today having my daily conversation with myself about how to solve the buffeting on the otherwise magnificent Wee Strom.... I look up at my spare parts rack and see an unused replaceable Visor for an HJC flipdown 3/4 helmet..... hmmmm look at the size and shape [i wear an XL]....
I pull it down, stretch it out just a little and 'voila' .... its a Laminar Lip.

Now, what I don't know: is the concept of the MRA Vario "spoiler" one/same as the Laminar Lip, or is the LL simply a nice way of adding square inches/CM of Surface Area to the screen dimensionally?

BTW, these visors are commonly available in clear or smoke, and range in price from $15 to $20 U.S.

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