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For my 2015 DL1000 (Vee 2), I've gone with a combination of Hepco & Becker engine bars and tank bars (2 separate kits), OEM centre stand and Ravetech Bash-plate.

The OEM stand was simplicity itself, except for those darn springs! Use whatever method works for you - lots of advice on this forum.

The H & B bars are lovely, but are a bit fiddly in places, especially the tank bars which bolt to the engine bars (with a bit of persuasion) and the front mount under the beak. You have to get up underneath and replace the two bolts that support the instrument panel and mount a bracket that ties together the two sides of the tank bars.

The tank bars slide together under the beak and attach to aforesaid bracket, but mine were a very tight fit and required some judicious application of WD40 and a rubber mallet. Very rigid and well designed setup - just a bit harder to fit than your average bars :smile2: Had I simply gone for the engine bars, it would have been a snap.

Straight out of the box, the Ravetech's front mounting bars conflicted with the crash bars, but the fix was easy.

Basically, I replaced the existing front engine mounting top bolts with longer 8.8 High Tensile items and utilised the spacers included in the Ravetech kit to nudge the top of the bars out. These spacers are supplied to allow fitment of the plate to a bike without crash bars.

I fitted a 130mm bolt with a washer and the long spacer on the LHS and on the RHS, a 110mm bolt & washer and the short spacer. These bolts are 8.8 High Tensile with a hex head and are black anodised - they blend in very nicely.

I now have around 5mm clearance each side between the crash bars and the Ravetech front mounting bars - ample I reckon, as crash bars and bash plate are both affixed to the chassis, and act as a unitary unit.

The sole remaining issue was that spreading the bars further out at the top caused the plate to be pulled up slightly towards the engine at the front. It still fitted - just - but the header was touching the front of the plate.

I sourced some "countersunk washers" (these are 2-3 times thicker than a standard washer) and some longer bolts (20-25mm seems about right) and mounted the washers between the plate and the bottom of the bar to step the plate down slightly, hopefully to the correct position! If you want it down further, just add washers!

It's a bit of a mission getting the washers in place without them sliding down the plate, but I'll just put a dab of silicone on to hold them in place the next time the plate is off.

The Ravetech plate is a very solid design and the finish is superb. I really like the addition of the deflector plate to protect the side-stand switch. The laser-cut V-Strom logos on the side and "Ravetech" logo on the front look awesome and I'm thinking about putting a red plate behind them to make them stand out (cos' my bike is red :grin2:)

A point to note - you need to fit the centre stand BEFORE the plate as you have to unbolt the front side stand mount to fit the bash plate!

There's heaps of photo's of the Ravetech plate on this forum, but if anybody would like photo's specific to this installation combination, just let me know.
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