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Good luck came my way this week when I realized I had 2 days I could take off work while the weather was nice. I quickly decided to do a loop down through the center of WV from Morgantown down to Webster Springs, then northeast through Marlinton and up to visit my mom at the farm in Petersburg. The next day, I would loop around Romney before heading west back to Morgantown.

I usually try to do detailed ride reports, stopping to do step-by-step, mile-by-mile travelogues. Not this time. The main focus was on the ride, just stopping to take a few scenic or interesting photos along the way.

Hope you enjoy it.

I headed south on Rt 119 out of Morgantown about 7am.

My first stop was in Grafton to say hi to my dad at the National Cemetery.
I try to stop by here any time I am in the area.

Heading up the hill toward the flagpole.
His grave is on top of the hill looking out over the surrounding countryside.

Top of the hill by the flagpole.

Hi Dad. Miss you. I know you'll be riding along with me today.

Next stop was Philippi Covered Bridge. (Pardon the construction)

Site of the first land battle of the Civil War.

Panorama of the covered bridge.

View inside.

Next stop was Buckhannon. Nice mural across from the court house.

From Buckhannon, I headed south on Rt 20, one of the best rides in WV.
Destination - Rella's Diner in Hacker Valley, about 30 miles south.

Rt 20 is one curvy road.
Great for bikes! Not great if your spouse gets carsick.

We're here! Rella's Diner.
Located just south of Hacker Valley.
This is a popular destination of regional ADV Riders.

Our signs are holding up well after a couple of rough winters.

The one and only Rella! (now a Great-Great-Grandma!)
Hard to imagine the thousands of meals that have been cooked and served in this kitchen.

Plain and simple. The minute you walk in the door, you are family.
There's not a more comfortable or welcoming place than Rella's Diner!

Of course, the big highlight is the "Pie Fridge".
Rella bakes home-made pies - even the meringue is from scratch.
In the fall, she uses local berries for her pies.

Today, I had a burger and fries.
Unfortunately, I didn't leave room for pie. Next time it's "Pies Only".

After filling my tummy with good food, I headed south to Webster Springs.
I was going to turn east at this point, but decided to go a little farther south to Richwood.
Along the way, just past Craigsville, is this overlook.

The historical marker tells the story of the overlook.

And, of course, the view from the overlook.

Richwood. Once a thriving coal and lumber town of 10,000 people.
And - it was once the home of the world's largest clothes-pin factory!

I love seeing murals on the side of old buildings. (Richwood)

From Richwood, I headed east past Marlinton on Rt 39.
Here is a view just east of Marlinton.

From there, I headed north on Rt 28 past Green Bank.
I stopped to see a retired couple I knew from years past, but they weren't home.
Then I headed east on Rt 250 toward Monterey VA.

About 6 miles west of Monterey is this fantastic view coming down the mountain.
From here, you can see Rt 250 continuing eastbound in the distance.

Panorama from the same spot.

At Monterey VA, I headed north on Rt 220.
This is a view after crossing back into WV south of Franklin.
Lots of farmers along the way today were baling hay.

Panorama from Rt 220 south of Franklin.

I stopped at our farm near Petersburg and stayed overnight with mom.
More good food and a comfy bed for the night. Then more good food!


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Day 2

Since the weather forecast called for afternoon rain, and since I had grass to mow at home, I decided to make a loop up around Romney then circle west back home through the far western corner of Maryland.

I started a West Virginia County Court House Tag-O-Rama game a few years ago, and yesterday I grabbed the Pocahontas County Court House photo. Today I stopped at the Hampshire County Court House to set the new tag location.

The present building was constructed in 1922 to replace the previous 1833 Neoclassical courthouse that had been destroyed by fire in 1921. The original bell from the 1833 courthouse hangs in the domed bell tower.

Statue honoring the soldiers killed in WWI.

Just a mile or two up Rt 28 from downtown Romney is Romney Cycles, one of the largest in the state.

I got there as they were opening at 9am. There were two other riders, including one on this classic old BMW R90/6. It was definitely a daily rider, not a garage queen.

Inside Romney Cycles - something for everyone.
ADV Row is to the right.

I've been thinking of downsizing from the V-Strom 1000. Hmmm....

Another mile north leads us to the Potomac Eagle scenic train ride.

As I was passing through Keyser, I stopped to take a photo of the Mineral County Court House too.

Out in front was this monument to the fallen soldiers of the 20th century wars.

From Keyser, I took Rt 46 west about 5 miles to Piedmont.
This is a hidden little corner that many people do not know about.
This narrow, winding road is the only way in through WV.

Downtown Piedmont. From here, you cross the bridge north into Maryland and immediately turn left (west) on Rt 135 to follow the state line several miles then onto Oakland MD.

Piedmont is famous for Don Redman, a jazz trumpet player.

After a lousy lunch at Oakland MD (why do I succumb to the siren call of fast food?), I continued west on Rt 39 to Terra Alta WV. There is an interesting man buried in the cemetery there.
See next photo.

Dr Loomis beat Marconi to the wireless telegraph, but did not get the credit.

Well, that's all. An hour later, I was home mowing grass (no photos of that).

More Ride Reports On My Website:


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Wonderful pictures. I really enjoy looking at photos of small towns and nice biking roads in areas that I've not yet visited.
Thanks for posting.

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When I see posts like this with good pics it remands me of a friend that was a photograph guy from the chemical days.
He had ammo boxes full of filters and lenses, what I referred to as "too many parts".
When we were desert camping we may not cover a lot of ground but he sure opened those boxes and tinkered with the cameras frequently.
I admire the knack to arrange a shot and get good results.
My ride images are locked in my fading memory. Sometimes I can recall them vividly, others not so much.
Great that you have saved yours for posterity. And you shared them. mo bettah!
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