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Greetings Stromtroopers -- for the 2012+ dl650, the sag specs for the rear end with rider & cargo calls for 35 - 50 mm, and 10 - 15 mm without rider & cargo. With preload maxed out & dampening at factory specs, I have 65 mm of rear sag with rider & cargo and 15 mm of sag without rider & cargo. The rider & cargo weight is 230 lbs. The weight without rider & cargo includes about 23 lbs of tools, bash plate, etc.

GW (rip) indicates that raising the links makes the spring more progressive. He also indicates that the sag should be in the correct range before installing raising or lowering links. I will installing raising links in order to get more ground clearance for my low hanging bash plate. About 5 percent of the time, I'll challenge the suspension with terrible roads & trails.

QUESTIONS: What does it mean to have a more progressive spring? What are the pitfalls of continuing to ride with too much rear sag? Can I adapt my riding style to offset the pitfalls of too much rear sag? What are the pitfalls of raising the links even though I have too much rear sag? What is the correct & cheapest way to fix too much rear sag?

P.S. Suzuki should put you guys on the payroll.
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