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When I installed the GIVI crash bars on my ´12 V-Strom, I noticed that it touched the Radiator hose on the right hand side of the bike - but only just.

After 5.000km I could see that the crash bar had left a small mark on the hose.
I don't think that it will cause any problems, but just in case I've done a small modification to solve the "problem".

The rub mark on the radiator hose:

To prevent the hose rubbing on the crash bar, I shortend the hose about 5mm where it connect to the engine:

I did it with the hose in place - using a Stanley blade to cut away the piece of hose that was on the inside of the clamp (being careful not to scratch the stud with the blade).
Then I loosened the clamp, pushed the hose all the way in and retightende the clamp.

The whole process took about 5 minuts and the hose didn't leak one drop of coolant.

Now there is a sufficient amount of clearence between the crash bar and the hose:

An easy fix to a small but potential problem.
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