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Racks and bags

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I have a 2009 dl650 looking to buy racks and bags. Would like to have a versatile rack that can accommodate hard and soft bags. Leaning towards soft bags. Looking to buy used if possible I know I am looking for a diamond but starting there. Questions I have.
1. What years racks will fit my bike?
2. Most versatile rack?
3. Hard case recommendations?
4. Soft bags recommendations?
Thank you for your input
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2004 - 2011 should fit.
I am partial to Happy Trails out of Idaho. The largest size came on my bike when purchased used; they are 47.5 liters each side. My particular bags are tall and narrow, (7 inch opening) which can limit certain items like a gallon of milk. A duffle bag of clothes would be an issue also.

Happy Trails has other sizes and widths so you can get the size you need.

For waterproof soft bags, I have Nelson-Rigg adventure bags for my DR650. They work well, but are not quick access due to roll top design. There are tons of options for soft bags these days so look around for what suits you.

Amazon has a pretty good selection to browse plus all of the motorcycle luggage companies.
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Would like to have a versatile rack that can accommodate hard and soft bags.
Designed for exactly that: Happy Trails SU Side Rack Suzuki DL650 V-Strom (2004-'11)
I have SW Motech EVO racks and hard side cases on my 2006 Wee. Top case too. The racks have/had adapters available for different brands of side cases.

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