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Thanks to Aircavm his pair of hands and his air tools, today I (we) installed the RT Emulators on my '05.

What was rather odd is the fact that the emulators did not sit properly on the dampening rods. They actually rocked a little with about 1 or 2mm space.

It was necessary to take a grinding stone and etch away part of the surface inside the top of the rod.

The part was S4301, as recommended by Race Tech.

Has anyone else encounted a similar problem?

Also, I didn't measure the height of the oil. With the Sonic springs installed, ended up putting about 475 ml in each tube as some found it's way on the garage floor. Any foreseen problems with this? (After a test run, they seem to be working well and they absorb much more of the irregular sufaces than before).


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