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Hi all
I know there are several tire threads but I'm hoping for a quick answer from someone with a similar issue without sorting through the various discussions.

I'm doing 99% of my riding at highway speeds on pavement with approx 15,000 Klm - 18,000 klm per season and I'm burning through way too may dual sport tires. I've tried the stock Trail-Wings, then Mettzler Tourance's and lastly a Shinko (which only lasted 10,000 klm) so I'm going to switch up to straight highway tires. I've heard the Mettzler ME880 is a good choice but some of the sizes don't seem to be exact matches.

Any advice from anyone that has gone this route? I'm not looking for a long discussion about the relative merrits of one tire over another. I'm an average enough rider that I'm sure any good brand name tire will suit me fine - what I'm really looking for is more longevity than what I'm getting now while still being reasonably good traction wise.
Thanks VERY much in advance

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You won't get an exact size match with the ME880s but they will work. They are the choice of high mileage riders. See Metzeler ME880 Marathon Reports
I seem to remember a Harley v. BMW selection difference so check the thread.
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