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First, I've already reviewed the installation instructions provided Roy, Ron, and others, and have spent the last week building the gumption to start snipping wires (my hands-on electrical and mechanical experience is virtually nothing). But now that my bike's naked in my garage, I can't get both the Audiovox servo AND vacuum tube to fit under the fairing. (FYI, my vacuum tube was created from PVC pipe and is about 8" long.) I've search around and my issue seems unique to me and my 2004 DL1000.

All pictures I've seen of other installations either show the servo on the left and tube on the right, or both the servo and tube on the right. However I don't seem to be able to do either on my DL1000. On the left side, there's an odd little electrical box (it's metal, ridged, a bit larger than a pack of cigarettes) that prevents me from fixing the servo to that side. On the right there's room for one of the units, but even if I put the servo as far forward as possible, the vacuum tube won't fit behind it without interference from the frame and the thick plastic guard underneath. I've tried relocating the tube to the space in the back under the seat, but the diameter of the PVC is too large and prevents my seat from latching. I suppose the only other place with room to mount the tube would be in the front fairing, but that seems like a very awkward and potentially dangerous place to run the tubes.

My issues boiled down:

*Where to mount the servo?
*Where to mount the tube?
*If the servo's on the right side, I'll either have to bundle the linkage wire coming off the servo to take up some slack, or I'll have to cut that linkage sheath and wire and I don't know how I'd reattach the end of the linkage piece. Thoughts?
*What if I cut the vacuum tube in half to save space? (If it's only about 4" long, I can probably squeeze it into the left side.) Would reducing the internal volume by that much have any adverse effects on cruise performance?

I'd appreciate any info you folks can share. Cheers.

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