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Just started my 24000 km valve inspect a couple of hours ago, having read the manual and the various postings. I've come across an error - either mine or the Suz Service manuals that I'm not quite sure of.
Section 3-23, removing the rear camshafts is the area, and on 3-23 it says "rotate the generator 360, CCW and align the "|F" line on the generator rotor with the index mark of the valve timing inspection hole"

On 3-24 at top it goes on to say,.the "rear cylinder in now at ATDC 90 degrees on the expansion stroke" with a little note and picture that says "before removing the camshafts, inspect the valve clearance"

Shouldn't this be 90 deg, ATDC on COMPRESSION stroke with the "|R" line as shown for the rear cylinder on section 2-9 and the cam picture on 2-8.

I apologise in advance if this is self evident to all except myself but never owned a bike with inverted bucket followers before so fiddling with cams is a new experience compared to my shim over bucket GS-s of yore..

As an aside, from what I can see, although I'm going to get a slightly more comprehensive set of gauges tomorrow...

Rear Right Intake .11 mm
Rear Left Intake .11
Rear Right Exh .23
Rear Left Exh .23

Front right intake .14
front left Intake .14
Front right Exhaust .21
Front left Exhaust .21

Based on the above, it looks like i will adjust rear intakes and front exhausts although I am going to recheck tomorrow when I get a more comprehensive set of gauges in the .1-.2 and .2-.3 ranges.

As always, appreciate your help.


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Assuming 'ATDC' means 'After Top Dead Center', you're talking about the same thing as the manual, just calling it 'compression' rather than the 'expansion' or 'combustion' stroke. Sounds like it's all the same thing to me...

The only other possible position in the cycle that would put the crank in that position would be 360 degree from that, which would put it on the intake stroke (and would obviously make it difficult to check the intake valve clearance !LOL!)

Make sense?
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