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Are there any top case mounts that'll both reinforce the Suzuki stock handles and tray, and work with Jesse Luggage? (Or replace the Suzuki stock handles/tray with something better, but still gives me handles)

I'll show you why I'm asking, and forgive the dirt on the bike.

The first image (below) shows the Jesse Luggage side case mount which crosses over the bike and under the Suzuki stock tray/handles (not sure what to call that part). You can see there's lots of rubbing going on as the paint has been worn away on the edges (highlighted in red).

In the second photo I've got it mostly all put back together. In green I've highlighted where the rubbing occurs, and in white I've labelled the different components. The red shows two of the bolts my Givi top case mount uses, the other two go through the same mount as the Jesse Luggage (bottom two holes in the first picture). The reason I've highlighted them is to show they're not supported, the last supported location is where the Jesse Luggage mounts to the frame of the bike. Which, when everything is installed, is 15 inches away from the back of my 52L top case. So it's no wonder my top case flexes the mounts, I'd say the Suzuki tray/handle is doing it's job fairly admirably given the circumstances, but never the less needs some added support. Is there anything that could be added/fabricated (by someone else) that could add additional support?

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