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(I have searched for more than an hour already on the forum, and can't find an answer yet!)
I have an 03' DL1000 that has what looks to be an oem luggage rack on the rear for the "suzuki kappa" luggage (givi, I know). The rack goes around the back of the bike, and my license plate is actually attatched to it now. What I'm wondering, is if the side portions of the rack are removable independently of the top portion. I don't keep the sidebags on the bike, just the topcase. Though, I have these ugly black bars that are going to be covering up my pretty new pipes, and we just cant have that!
It looks like there is a small bolt that goes through the rack, perhaps adjoining to sections of rack? (this is located just in front of the front-most topcase mounting bolt. Is this so?

If this is not an option, is there a part that I can purchase, that will let me mount up just the topcase for the here and now? I know that later on, I will be using my luggage, but no time soon... Thanks again!
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