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Some of you may have seen my post from a month or so ago, in which I solicited input on a top case to purchase for my 2015 650 XT. I ended up ordering the Kappa KFR580 58L case. To install it, I ordered the Adventure Tech "Adventure to Givi Adapter" kit, and also the required "Givi Monokey Luggage Rack Topcase Mounting hardware."

The Adventure Tech kit is only two small metal plates, and three nut/bolt/washers, but I want to make sure I'm installing it correctly, as there don't seem to be any instructions included, nor any to be found on the Adventure Tech site. I emailed Richland Rick directly (he'd answered another question I'd asked about this kit earlier), but I believe he's at the 2022 Eastern V-Strom Rally, so, understandably, is likely too busy to respond.

I'd like to get the kit installed as soon as I can, though, as I have an upcoming trip planned, and want to have some time with the case on the bike before my trip.

My questions are:

From one of the two pictures on the Adventure Tech page, I think the larger plate goes under the rear part of the OEM rack mount, and then the three provided bolts go through the OEM plate down through the larger Adventure Tech plate into the provided washer and nuts, using holes 1, 2, and 3 in this picture:

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Which would then have it installed in the location shown below:

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I believe that then the smaller Adventure Tech plate fits into the opening at the back of the OEM plate, resting on the now installed larger Adventure Tech plate (as shown in the next picture), and then two of the bolts from the Givi hardware kit come up from the bottom, through the larger Adventure Tech plate, then through the smaller Adventure Tech plate, and screw into the Givi hardware kit wedge piece.

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The larger Adventure Tech plate has countersunk holes on one side, and non-countersunk (aka flat hole openings on the other). If my install process is correct, should the non-countersunk side of the larger Adventure Tech plate face downward, so that the nuts and washers are against the flat surface?

The bolts from the Givi mounting hardware kit that should go into the wedge piece don’t seem long enough to catch more than a thread or two, at most, when put through both the larger Adventure Tech plate and then the smaller Adventure Tech plate, so I didn’t know if I was doing something wrong, or just need to get some longer bolts.

Thanks for any insight/thoughts anyone cares to share.

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