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I was getting a bit embarrased with the pathetic stock horn, so I've installed this 136db bad boy:

The difference is amazing ! Really wakes the coffee-drinking/mobile-using/makeup-applying car drivers up, esp. as its on the left so I can get nice and close to the drivers window...(US strommers prob want it on the right of the bike)

Pretty easy to install - it comes with a metal strip I just bent to shape, and then attached it to the crashbars with a little clamp.

I was concerned about water knocking it out, but I've just jetwashed the bike and it still works. I've left the old horn in place and simply made a little extension to connect this one up.

The best bit is the price: £10 ! I got it from here. I notice that they also do a bigger one, but I was concerned about where to put that...(try and avoid the horn jokes, please!)

More pics in my gallery, particulary the view from the front and the side.
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