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Protection and hot weather

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ATGATT is important, what I need is information on lightweight protection that can be worn in the hellish summer heat/humidity of the deep South--specifically the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

I ride to work every day, but have to wear slacks, shirt, and tie to work (school principal). Is there any advice you can give me?

The "massive heat wave" many of you are enduring are normal summer temps down here.
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The other day I found a great article about hot weather riding. The title of it is "IronButt_1002_62-66_Hot.pdf" and the full URL is Seems there is a big difference in riding in temps below vs. over 93F.
PTrider - I feel the same way. Cotton should be better to cool you down, at least for motorcycling. I have searched trying to find something that supports this theory. Most articles seem to concentrate on keeping the skin dry, which I guess the synthetics do well.

I have found that wetting a bandana and tying around my neck helps a lot. When it dries out you just wet it down again.
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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