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Protection and hot weather

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ATGATT is important, what I need is information on lightweight protection that can be worn in the hellish summer heat/humidity of the deep South--specifically the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

I ride to work every day, but have to wear slacks, shirt, and tie to work (school principal). Is there any advice you can give me?

The "massive heat wave" many of you are enduring are normal summer temps down here.
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you may find the most reliable cooling to come from a wet tee shirt and just hauling a garment bag with you to change into "respectable" clothes.
Actually, if you are the principal, then you must have an office. Do like me, I'm a hotel manager, I wear my First Gear mesh jacket and a cycling shirt, MC boots, and jeans, and I keep 4 suits in my office and a pair of Rockports--just change in your office.

The only problem with many mesh jackets, including my FG, is they have generously large front pockets, and for some awful design reason, the pockets are constructed of solid nylon. :jawdrop: The jacket allows great airflow and is a pleasure even in Texas 100 degree/90% humidity, but the area behind the pockets gets really warm in comparison. I'm thinking of having the pockets cut out and replaced with "mesh" pockets...
Wish I had the $$ to make my own armoured mesh gear from scratch. Pants have cargo pockets, mesh on the inner thighs, and 600 denier on the outer calves (I got some really bad road rash there from a crash once), outer thighs, knees, and butt.
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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