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ProTaper SE ATV Low bend - ID size

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I stopped by Cycle Gear today and bought that straighter handlebar. Looks like the ID is smaller than OEM. Are all of them smaller or there are ones that have matching inside diameter? Neither bar end nor Kaoko throttle lock goes in...

I know there are.some gurus here, please advise. What is done to compensate? If I can give up on the throttle lock (I still have the original bar end for that side), is there a fix to it?

If there is no fix, I'll live with OEM bars rather then messing with it. I just return the ProTaper...
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I have the ATV Highs and yes the id on the Pro tapers are smaller. My work around was to buy new bar ends from cycle gear and make my own compression lock to keep the bar ends in place. I did this by inserting a longer bolt through the bar end and using a 1 1/2" piece of rubber fuel line to compress in front of the nut. So as you tighten the bolt,the rubber fuel line is compressed to keep the bar end in place. You can even buy them color matching to your strom to add some bling.I don't know about you throttle lock issue. Good luck
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