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This is the first national ride for prostate cancer and comes at a critical time when the government is looking to cut funding. The ride is September 18 during Prostate Cancer Month. It's called the Prostate Cancer Pony Express ride. It will be a rolling thunder type of ride for prostate cancer and registration is $10 and if you can't ride with me you can register as a virtual rider. We're trying to get a riders from every state (real riders or "virtual riders"). There are charity rides for a lot of good causes ... it's timely that we finally have a national ride for prostate cancer! Please support this initial effort if you can.

You can register by going to one of the following sites:

Facebook: click on "links" on the left then on "" to register
Prostate Cancer Pony Express | Facebook
Prostate Cancer Pony Express - 2011 | Alexandria, Virginia 22309 | Sunday, September 18, 2011 @ 10:00 AM

or pm me for more information.

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