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I set about installing a Pro-Oiler on my vee today. After reading through the directions last night and looking at some installs on the web, I was ready.

I removed the seat and necessary body panels to expose the left side frame since I was routing the wiring and controller cord on this side. All I had to remove was the luggage rack, filler panel between the tank, frame and the seat, and the left side rear panel. There was no need for any fairing removal.

I then mocked up everything to see where the best place to mount the reservoir, pump, controller box, and controller.

This is where I decided I wanted the reservoir to be. It makes it handier to fill being here instead of being tucked way in the back by the tail lights. I'm going to install a mount to hold the tool pouch, since I had to move it, at a later date.

I installed the controller box under the seat latch bracket. I was careful to make sure the wires weren't going to be put into any stress because of the seat base.

I mounted the pump very close to the controller box and the reservoir along the rear subframe. It's being held in with a big zip tie.

I located the pink wire w/white stripe up in the main harness in the left side of the fairing. I spliced into it for my speedo signal with the fancy splicer supplied in the kit. I also located the controller itself on the left side of the panel.

I then ran the speedo signal wire and contoller cord along the left side of the frame to the subframe and then back to the box.

I then ran my ground wire with the cord and speedo signal wire. I utilized the tank mount bracket bolt here as it was a good easy to access ground.

I then set about attaching the oiler nozzle itself. I wanted it to be out of the way enough that the chain couldn't reach up and grab it. I also didn't want to drill and tap the swing arm, so I used some epoxy putty to mount the bracket (It is way stronger than needed). I also left room on the backside of the bracket so I could adjust the depth if needed (you should adjust the oiler nozzle if you have to adjust your chain.

Then it was time to plumb everything up and tuck it away out of harms way. This part is still a work in progress. I may find a better route for the tubing on down the road.

As a last act, once everything was deemed fine, I siliconed the ends of the contol box where the wires enter just to make sure no water gets in.

A few hours of quality garage time with the Vee and a new mod to get acquainted with.
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