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Pressure sensor fault indicator

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My '07 Wee with 25,000 miles on it had the FI indicator come on the other day, along with the red indicator light. Although not running perfectly, I made it home, and jumpered the diagnostic plug, and it indicated the intake air pressure sensor was giving bad readings. So I wiggled it in its plug and cleaned the contacts, but it didn't help.
So my question is this: Is this a common problem? I haven't read anything about it here, and the dealer was no help, although he did say that it may be covered under warranty because it is considered an emissions issue. Is this true? Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance, Steve
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Agreed. I read a lot of posts and I don't remember seeing it before. Its input should be 4.5-5.5V and its output should be approximately 2.5V at idle.
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