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Pressure issues uneven running

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2008 suzuki DL1000 K8. GT.

Hello guys wow. What a bike we all own I love my DL ITS AN ANIMAL NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED . however .once the engine is running at temperature I noticed the silencers are putting out different pressures and the left side of the engine is getting hotter than the right side. It has been serviced plugs air filter oil and oil filter. . So any ideas would be appreciated I am planning having the throttle bodies sync .hopefully that will stop it. Although It rides and runs its not riding as smooth as it should.
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Hey we have the same bike! I did the throttle body sync and there is still a difference in the exhaust flow from side to side. I think this has to do with the exhaust system design itself and not the engine combustion balance.
Mine seems to run fine, although a bit hesitant when rev'ed in neutral...which is not really not anything.

I did not ride mine much at all prior to doing the TB sync, so have not idea if there was an improvement or not.

I do agree with you, the DL1000 is an animal not for the faint hearted!
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