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A little over a year ago I replaced my battery with a YUASA, since I heard that brand was sort of the gold standard for traditional batteries. I had no problems with it all riding season. Back in November I packed the bike up for the year, which included putting the battery on a Schumacher battery tender.

I did a few projects on the bike over winter. The only thing related to the electrical system was taking apart and cleaning the contacts in my right switch housing. I started the bike 2-3 times over the winter without problem.

Come spring, I prepared to take the bike out for a short shake-down ride, and the battery didn't have enough juice to start the bike. I jumped it (using a nifty lithium battery jump kit I got for Xmas) and did a 15-minute ride. The bike started fine when I returned.

But the next day, it was low again. Turned over, but no start. I didn't have time for a lot of diagnosing, etc., so I just ran out to the local battery store and bought a replacement (non-YUASA) battery. Things have been going fine since then.

In a hasty move, I disposed of the YUASA. I've since learned there was a good chance I could have recovered it. Oh well, lesson learned.

One untested theory I have on its premature death is that it may have had something to do with me using a heated vest (in addition to heated grips) for the first time last year. I never did much investigation of draw with/without the vest on. Is there a chance maybe the extra wattage needed for the grips + vest overly taxed the system and impacted the battery?

Unfortunately, I can't do much draw testing right now, as my multi-meter is in storage while we await construction of a new house.

Before I get to the point where I may need the vest again this season, I'm hoping for some insights. I don't want to burn out another battery if I can avoid it.

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Troubleshoot before shooting parts at a problem.
Test your charging system. There are a gazillion Youtube vids on how to do this.
Install a voltmeter so you can manage the draw of your heated gear and monitor the charging system.
Battery tenders have been known to overcharge or undercharge a battery. They are electrical devices that can fail. Is your battery tender a real battery tender with a maintenance mode or is it a battery charger?
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