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Yes, it is spring time here in the northern hemisphere. A time to bring your motorcycle out of winter hibernation and start logging miles. As one may expect, this can change the level of message activity on a message board, either more or less.

But there is a new factor that I predict may lead to less message posting overall. It is the Smiley Face. Yes, the smiley face function of Stromtropper has been expanded (recently I assume, because I really don't pay attention to them). At the right side of your message typing box, click on [more] under the faces.

Wow! I must say, there are some, well... "disturbed" folks :bom_mad: out there creating these things. I didn't count, but there must be a few hundred of them listed.

And here is where my theory will be tested- people that do use these smiley faces may find themselves spending so much time in contemplation over which face to link, that they will be spending less time actually sharing their thoughts, experiences, and opinions.

A few are pretty clever, such as this one, which I'm sure will start gaining acceptance with each oil thread-

Or this one, for when someone tells the story of having an unscheduled disembark of the machine-

Or these ones, when someone is writing a completely inane message having to do with smiley faces-
:mod2_yawn: :bom_sleeping2: :bom_sleeping:

Will my theory hold true? :new_confused2: Well, I'm no statistician, nor am I an actuary, so in the end my theory could end up being nothing but a pile of :var_24:

Cheers! :cheers2:
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