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Pre load fork cap

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Hi Just wondering if you guys had tried or had any luck with the ore load caps for the 2018 Vstrom that are readily available on AliExpress etc. Thought I might try that route for the local washboard roads before changing the spring, any thoughts.

Thanks Paul
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I bought these to use with new fork oil and springs. They work as intended and the price is right. I did not try them with the original springs.
Yes I put a pair of the AliExpress adjustable caps on my 2019 with stock springs. They're working fine so far and they do actually make a difference on this new model with better springs than before. I had a 2009 model and the adjustable caps were really useless because of the useless mushy springs. FYI these adjustable caps are longer than the new factory fork caps, so they add a little tension even when fully backed off, which is fine. I found a picture that has them in it. I bought the ones with the finger adjustment knobs and one of the set screws holding the knob on fell out but I didn't lose the knob.
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I have the same Kramer posted for around 20tkm. No issues so far.
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