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Hi folks.

First post for me (aside from the, "Another Canadian..." post in the introductions.

Picked up my 2018 1000xt today - used, but only 1,200km. That's right, not fully broken in. It actually came with more than I thought, as I essentially bought it sight-unseen to capitalize on a great deal. With all this stuff, I don't actually know if some of it is improvements or not as I don't have a base-line. Here's what it came with:

  • SW Motech Trax side cases and top box
  • bar risers (up and back)
  • SW Motech belly pan
  • SW Motech crash bars
  • SW Motech center stand
  • lowered pegs
  • "highway pegs" (useless and flimsy - will come off tomorrow)
  • GIVI windscreen (this I love)
  • Soupy's lowering link and adjustable side-stand (already removed this and put the stock link back in - I'm 6'3" yo!)
  • 2014-2016 seat (as to not have to have the yellow/black seat combo)
Anything you think would be worth removing to try the stock set-up? As a taller rider, do most of these mods and add-ons make sense? (I'll be posting the lowering-link and adjustable side-stand for sale at some point)

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I agree with blaustrom, they seem reasonable. I have the Sw Motech Trax boxes, crash bars, and skid plate (attaches to the crash bars and frame). Plus a fortune in other stuff to make it mine and work for me.

My suggestion would be to ride it and it will tell you. What works keep and what doesn't work sell and find something that does.
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