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Practicing In The Parking Lot This Morning - Might've Broke My Foot

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I was practicing well all morning with slow-speed maneuvers and, just before leaving, decided to do some more rolling full-lock U-turns. I drove back in 3rd gear to the parking spots that I use to do these, downshifting to 1st as I approached the first one. Only I wasn't in 1st - I was in Neutral and didn't realize it.

So I eased in at about 8 mph or so and delved into a rolling full-lock U-turn to the right. I had my RPMs up and clutch feathering but by the time I was exiting and needing that that power, it was too late and the bike was on top of me. My right foot was trapped under the bike and I had a hell of a time getting it out.

It hurt like hell but I checked it by moving in all directions and moving my toes and thought maybe it's just banged up with no broken bones. It was in good enough shape to fail twice at lifting it the (Youtube Robert Simmons Bermuda motor officer's way) and had to lift it by "backing" it up. My foot felt fair at this point but I could tell it was swelling inside my boot. Managed to drive about 5-6 miles back home and get my boot off. I might have some of those fine bones in the top instep fractured, or maybe somewhere else.

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I guess when momma gets home we'll have to head up to the hospital for some X-rays.
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I seldom have to make a U-turn. Usually when I overshoot a dirt road I want or Being At One With Nature, and suddenly realize I missed my turn.
For me, the crux of the biscuit is "full lock" U-turn. I learned a long time ago that full lock while sitting on the bike makes it more likely that I will topple Only when I'm off the bike with it resting on my hip do I use full lock. to wheel the bike.

Virtually all of my U's are done counterclockwise, so I start out by turning the front wheel almost, but not quite, full lock; much better control at walking speed. Feather 1st gear, feet on the pegs ,keep looking over my left shoulder, looking down the lane I want to be in; not the opposite puddle, curb, parked car etc. This is important. Your brain is wired to take your body where you are looking, so if you are worried about hitting the curb or puddle on the other side, that's exactly where you'll be.
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