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Some friends and I are making the grand tour of the southwest national parks in October. We camp so gear has to be strapped on somewhere. I haven't had to pack the Strom for an extended trip yet so I thought I would make a practice run to Yosemite NP this last weekend.

Trip was a success. We had thunderstorms, rain, wind and sun. Yosemite has to be one of the most crowded National Parks. We hit a lot of traffic. Had to camp at a KOA about 30 miles outside of the park. I would do it again anytime. If you get there early enough (before 9am?) you beat most of the traffic and the roads are awesome. Of course the scenery and hiking and stuff are legendary.

At one attraction the rangers had traffic blocked because the parking lot was full and there is only one way in or out. Mr Ranger waved us right through on the bikes with the understanding that we don't take a marked parking spot. How come everyone doesn't ride?

There are a couple of infamous gas stations on hwy 395 between here and Yosemite that overcharge badly for gas. They are isolated and figure they have the market cornered (which they do). I was able to skip them this time due to the large tank/good mileage of the Strom. My buddies on their Harleys were'nt so lucky. Gas inside the park was actually quite a bit cheaper than these stations. That shows you how they are gouging.
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