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SO i have been through the forums and compared infor from the Genmar, the Rox and the powermadd. I settled on the powermadd risers and purchased them. I own a 2009 DL 1000. most of the postings I read stated that unless I had an ABS 650 that I would be fine to just slap this Mod on and roll and that cable length may be snug... but overall it wouldnt be an issue. I did not find that to be the case, and could use some guidance. :confused:

On the right side the securing bolt for the front brake line had to be disconnected from the radiator mount to even begin to accomodate the bars/riser combo. on the left side it did apear that the clutch line might have to be run inside the triple tree to make the mod usefull, but the realy problem was the wiring... the electrical bundle from the left side has almost no slack. I have seen a few reports about loosening up the "spring mount" and while I was unable to do that (cant quite figure out how to even get to it!) i could see that even with the bundle out of that attachment point, there would still be a length deficit on the left side that would make the product un-useable. I ask: What are my options? I have heard about lenthening the cables (ie brake and clutch), and it may require that. But What do I do about the wiring? I am very inept with most things electrical and dont feel like i have nearly the talent to F*%# around with much electrical, but I really want this mod to work.
Any thoughts?? :headbang:
and for those of you who have it done, a close up pic would be super helpful as I am pretty visual. Thanks
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