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Possible coolant leak

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Hello. My aspirations for my bike today were to replace the air filter and flush the coolant. Things changed and all I was able to do was replace the airfilter. So I put the gas tank back on and hooked everything up and decided to fire it up before I put the plastic back on, just to check for leaks. The good news is that there was no gas leak but the bad news is I noticed coolant dripping down from under the reservoir tank. The only thing I did was take the cap off the reservoir tank and put it back on. Is it possible that the coolant leak I saw was just the coolant reservoir equalizing (for lack of a better word.) I freaked out and took everything off and have been poking around and that's the only thing that comes to mind. I'm not surprised this happened because when it comes to working with anything liquid my middle name is "leak"!:mad: Since I have everything off.....again, I figured I might as well cancel my ride for tomorrow and flush the cooling system.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Most coolants today have a bit of UV dye in them. With a UV lamp (a few dollars on AliExpress) in an otherwise dark garage you can see exactly where the leak comes from.

I would not freak out about a small leak though. In any case it's normal that a few air pockets remain after a coolant flush so for the first few start/stop (hot/cold) cycles the coolant level in the reservoir will drop anyway. So keep an eye on it. If it keeps dropping after that, that's early enough to start worrying.
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Don’t get your hopes up…..but…

The cap has a hose from the rad. It’s possible that the coolant was under vacuum in the hose when you removed cap and it now burped the coolant out of the transfer hose.

Try wiping everything off. Go for a short ride and bring it back. Let it idle until the fan kicks on once or twice.

If you don’t see anything, keep an eye on it for a while.
Thanks for the replies. It only leaked when the bike was running. I didn't touch anything other than remove the remove the reservoir cap. I've checked the hoses and there were not leakes. I'm going to finish the coolant flush today so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that all liquids stay where they're supposed to.
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I finished the coolant flush with no leaks. Considering my mechanical skills that's quite an accomplishment. I hope everybody has a Merry Christmas or however you celebrate this holiday season.
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