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Plastic skid plate?

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Hi All.
I have noticed in photos of other people's bike that some have a plastic looking engine cover on the bottom of the bikes. Was this stock on some years or after market? I would not expect it to save the engine if used to ride over any thing big, but would expect it is meant to keep the engine cleaner or gaurd the oil filter from stones thrown up from the road.? I have a 2011 wee the dealer I got it from did not know anything about the covers.
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Amotostuff has a plastic belly pan from pyramid for the 650.

Pyramid Belly Pan Suz DL650 - Black
Holy crap! That useless hunk of plastic (which doesn't even protect the oil cooler) costs more than the real deal! :jawdrop:

Adventure MotoStuff Aluminum Engine Protector V2.0 -Suzuki DL650/1000 V-Strom
All that might be true - but it's lighter. And the bike will be lighter still when all the oil squirts out a hole in the radiator. It's all about the weight.

The stroms are an incredible bike but someone designed them with out a rib cage.
Funny, there are thousands of cruisers out there, much lower than Stroms, with oil filters mounted just like the Stroms. They seem to get along fine.

I think the skid-plate fuss is completely unnecessary if you're riding only on pavement. Off road, it begins to make more sense.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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