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The great reviews keep coming :thumbup:

From: Prova: Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS

Summary & Score:

"The new V-Strom is a bike that makes compromise its strength. In all circumstances you decide to use it, you will appreciate his skills as a handyman motion. Having regard to the budget and the high level of finish and attention to detail (there was truly impressed, for example, the Steering stem nut lightened), the new Adventure Sport Suzuki House has since it’s a very tempting price. Few bikes on the market offer to € 12,540 (Basic version, which becomes 13,490 with luggage set) a level of quality and budget so high.

Summary: The V-Strom 1000 is confirmed as a multipurpose bike and suitable for every need. Do you appreciate the ease of driving and for the extreme versatility. Excellent for those wanting a means suitable to travel, maxi also in pairs. "

LIKE: bass Engine, comfort, finishing level
NOT LIKE: little protective Plexiglass, 2 liter reserve lever imprecision between 1st and 2nd gear

Aesthetics = 7.2
Handling = 8.5
Performance = 8.4
Build Quality = 9
Comfort =8.2
Braking = 8.6
Fun = 8
Easy Riding = 8.5
Value for Money = 8.4

SCORE = 8.4/10
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