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I mentioned this in my recent update to my project thread Week70

I cleaned up my rusty shock tubes as best I could but one tube had a couple of deep dings that would snag my gloves when I slid down the tube lubed with WD40.

You can see the larger ding just to the right of the aim of the Dremmel bit and the smaller ding farther off to the left. It is hard to photograph details on chrome and the light flaring makes the dings look much bigger. Nevertheless, both these pits still snagged my gloves even after sanding with 500 grit paper and they are right by the seal area so they had to be treated. If you go on youtube there are vids to show how to do this repair, some people use superglue but I bought some Loctite 431348 general purpose repair putty. Unlike superglue it is designed to bond to metal and would probably work better than superglue. I bought the tiniest Dremmel engraving bit and used that to just touch the dings to make them deeper and get rid of the rust at the bottom of the dings. This was the most nerve racking step as I really didn't want to buy a new shock tube for umteen hundred dollars but the tube had to be fixed since these dings would quickly destroy a new seal.

Here is the putty applied to the larger ding. This was actually my second attempt as the first attempt the small ding filled perfectly but the big ding didn't take very well. I think in the first attempt I didn't leave a big enough mound of epoxy over the ding and over aggressively scraped away the excess. In the second try I left that big chunk to set over night and gently sanded it back down to the metal.

Here is the almost finished look as I sanded down the large ding a bit more and then tested for any glove snags. Pass!



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