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Please don't slam me yet as I've looked at various pics for this already and can't seem to find a good place for this mount area for the plug.

The plug I have purchased is made in the US by, well, mine says WASCO on it. Weatherproof, yada, yada. I've seen many on here who have the same one. I have ordered a fused lead from Eastern Beaver for the wiring with Posi-Locks on the end. My reason for this is if this plug ever goes bad then I can just take it off and put another one in it's place.

So far I have looked for any area under/around the fairing and everywhere I think I have found a spot when I turn the wheel it's in the way. Seems Suzuki only made enough room for the turns on the hardware and that's it. So..., I'm looking for suggestions for persons who have already went through this and found a good area. It's either the cables and such get in the way or there's not enough room for my GPS cig plug to fit.

Also, I'd like very much not to drill into my fairing with a hole. This is why I didn't purchase the kit from Eastern Beaver for the front fairing.

Any and all info and pics would be appreciated as I hope to get this done this week. Thanks!
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