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Peg Lowering Kit

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What is everyones best experience with a peg lowering kit?
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Adventure Tech- Richland Rick.
I got a kit from eBay - I'm in Australia so eBay is kinda the easiest. No doubt the Adventure Tech kit is better quality.

My experience? It's a great idea. It doesn't look like a big difference when you are putting it on but when you are in the saddle it just takes the bike to an extra level of leg comfort for us long legged guys.
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I also bought the Adventure Tech lowering kit. I tend to scrape my pegs around turns now, but being that I have a 37 inch (94 cm) inseam I will leave the drop brackets on there.
I was surprised how much a difference the Adventuretech lowering kit made. I went even lower by swapping out stock pegs with GL1800 pegs.

If you go the Advtech route, have a look around their website and buy once — there are a bunch of good options: peg lowering kit, side stand foot-enlarger, GPS / accessory above-dash shelf, mirror extenders, etc.
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I have an offshore set from amazon.
I was pleasantly surprised at the results.
Although it is only an 1" drop at the peg it equates to at least a 2" drop at the knee.
Much more comfortable.
2014 DL 650. These are Adventure Tech.
Im just 5’-7” and still like the extra leg room.
As Thirdofthree mentioned, lots of nifty nuggets from Adv. tech.

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Just installed an Adventure tech kit on my 2011 650 last week. As expected, it allowed a bit more relaxed knee position. Not expected, it allowed me to step on the footpeg to swing my leg over the bike when mounting. That is worth the cost right there.
30” inseam, 5’5”. I’ve mounted my 1976 Beemer that way for 44 years. Just works out well for me, specially now with a new left knee.
the kit was complete, got to me in four days, and took an hour to install. Recommendd.
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I invented the footpeg and control lowering kit in respone to a whole lot of requests to solve the problem of the knee being bent too tight. It took a long time and lot of math and mock ups to get it right. It took next to nothng for those that copied it to buy it from us, give it to someone else and say copy this and put my name on it.

Now the really bad news. When you have parts copied in China you loose control over the actual alloy used. They use less aluminum in thickness and width and indeterminable alloys. This means they are nowhere near as strong.

I got a call from someone pissed as hell because his buddies footpeg lower bracket failed. I was of course shocked. Eventually I was able to get him to calm down and I asked him to have his buddy call me. He called back and said his buddy bought the copy, not ours. One that ws not as wide, not as thick, and of unkown alloy. And from someone who would not replace it.

As an engineer, I designed this part to be made with 6061-T6 and did the math. You can hang the bike upside down by our kit and climb on top of it. We have NEVER had one fail in use and I fully expect that there will never be a case of one of ours failing in use. Crashes have bent a few though.

American metals made in america.

You new guys need to read through the vendor feedback part of the forum.
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Happy with my Adventure Tech kit, you will too.
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Before you buy those accys/parts based solely on the lowest price....ask yourself how they got that price so low. Most times theres an easy answer.

Adventure Tech products are well made
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