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A very happy new wee owner, after bout a 25 year layoff, bought a blade before this bike an it just did not suit. Rode the wee 1100km home from Melb. and even tho it was freezin, found out I still really like riding. Have heard bout a mod called "power commander v", would like to know is it a worth while bit to put on the wee or ? Over to all you learned wee owners:yesnod:
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From what I've read the Power Commander isn't really needed on the Wee. The Vee benifits from the power commander, due to it's lean mapping.

I don't think there are very many wee's with a power commander.

Others with more exprience on this will chime in.

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idle speed

Thanks for that, saves thinkin bout that expense. Also was wondering if the idle can be adjusted, seems a bit low after the initial start phase. It can stall if you don't watch it, mostly when cold. Cheers, gmax58.

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The Wee should idle about 1300rpm when warm. Only 2006 and earlier models have a user adjustable idle. Later models have something wrong if they won't idle right, usually a bad throttle position sensor or jumpered clutch switch.
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