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PCV Maps for a 2012 1000?

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I have a used pcfc coming.

Dynojet doesn't list any maps past 2007.

My bike is completely stock. I just want to smooth it out under 4k. Any extra performance above that would just be icing on the cake.

Can I use any map 2004?

Any suggestions?
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Any suggestions?
Put the bike on a dyno and have a custom map built.

On my V2 the difference between the Dynojet map and the custom map is huge.

Eg: at 2200 rpm I went from 29.94 FT-LB of torque to 49.45 FT-LB, my maximum moved from 70 FT-LB to 74 and down from 6500 rpm to 3700 rpm, a far more usable place.
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