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Ok tired having the pcIII for the 650 in my shelf waiting a new distination so i instal it on my dl-1000k6 the programme inside the pc is the same use by the programme for the 1000 with two brothers slip-on ,out of luck ... i have them on my bike carbon fiber style hehe

The plugs are not the same they connect directely on the injecteur and on the pink wire of the tps

Turn the key on and start the dl ...poff it run hok the lap top on the pcIII got communication and the reading is ok rpm match %of tps is ok i can say that will work ,but (there alway a but ) the F I light is on is that normal with other pcIII theres is no way that can understand how the cpu get a fault from any sensor

Any sujestion this is new for me i can use any advice and trik for the tuning of the pcIII
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