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Hey folks -
I'm a new Vee rider in central CT with about 2 weeks and a couple hundred miles on my new-to-me 2004 V-Strom. I'm loving every second of it... what a great bike.

I have noticed the 3,500RPM chudder and a few other rough patches, and wonder if a quick remap could solve that. I do plan on checking the throttle bodies and all other possible culprits, but would love to see if 10 minutes of PCIII loving could cure my sorrows before I go ripping this fine steed apart.

Anyone in CT or nearby have a PCIII and a few minutes to help out? I'd be glad to supply some frosty delicious beverages or make a contribution towards your prior PCIII purchase... I know a local shop might handle this without screwing it up too terribly, but I'd much rather deal with someone with Strom knowledge.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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